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About Us


Welcome! My name is Frenetta Tate. I am the Digital Products Manager for PLR Business Tools. I would love to help you increase your digital footprint. 

Our eBooks at PLR Business Tools can be used for both personal and business development. Each eBook offers valuable insights that can help you grow and prosper. Gain the knowledge you need to excel in areas such as finance, health and relationships. You can even resell and rebrand our eBooks to grow your business even further. Feel free to browse our site and purchase as many books as you'd like. If you are looking for specific titles and can't find them; please send me a message. 

Our Mission

"Everyday, we help small business owners and entrepreneurs excel in their business by providing the digital tools needs for success and growth." 


No Inventory

You don't ever have to worry about inventory, since your products are digital and unlimited.


Edit & Rebrand

After purchasing PLR eBooks, you are able to edit and rebrand books, allowing you to target specific audiences of customers.

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Save Money

When you become a franchisee, you are saving loads of money, since the website creation and products will be done for you.


Take Ownership

You are able to take full credit for any purchased PLR eBook, and even make yourself the author. Your purchase comes with FULL license rights. 


Save Time

Save yourself loads of time paying others to create eBooks, buying and uploading digital products, and creating a website.


Instant Unlimited Profit

Once you buy our eBook, it's yours for a lifetime. You can sell it an UNLIMITED number of times! If you're a franchisee, the sky is the limit.


Check out our latest bundles, and save money when you purchase a package of eBooks!


Social Media Marketing

This bundle contains 20 of the latest and useful eBooks about:

  • Facebook Marketing

  • Instagram Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Social Traffic Rush

  • YouTube / TikTok Marketing

  • Social Traffic Rush

  • And Much more...

Starting at $49

Health & Diet

With one purchase, get 20 hot-sellers about eating and living healthy!

  • Keto Dieting

  • Detoxing & Fasting 

  • Healthy Juicing

  • Losing Weight

  • Vegan Diet / Low Carb Recipes

  • Natural Herbs & Foods

  • Exercise & Yoga

  • And much more...

Starting at $49

food and diet eating healthy

Premium Membership

Our lifetime membership lets you download any eBooks you like for free!

  • Lifetime access

  • One-time Payment

  • Unlimited downloads

  • Resell eBooks unlimited times

  • Edit / Rebrand eBooks

  • Download our latest additions

Starting at $83

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3 Ways to Grow Your Business and Dominate the Market:


Become a Franchisee


We want to see you succeed in starting an online business. That's why we've made it easy for you by saving you the time, money, and work in creating your own prebuilt website with over 300 digital eBook products!


Create a Strategic Business Plan


PLR eBook Supplier supports you along the way, and connects you with other business owners to share new ideas, knowledge, and strategies to plan and grow your business.


Online Marketing Campaigns

Having a strategic online marketing plan is important in getting traffic to your website. Our ebooks teach just that, and when you use the power of social media, the possibility of reaching your targeted customer audience becomes limitless and effortless.

What Can you do With PLR eBooks
You can Put your name on the products as the original author. This is the most obvious benefit of them all. Private Label Rights allow you to claim authorship to the eBook and you can use it to build your name brand or sell it.

You can Edit the content – You can change the title, edit the product contents, insert your affiliate links, and paste your own advertisement into the products. These are just some ways you can monetize in addition to the profits you are making from selling the eBook.

​​You can take the content in the book and arrange them into your very own articles.

You can also take a few PLR eBooks and combine them together to create one HUGE mega eBook and sell them for profits.

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