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  • What is a PLR Product?
    Purchasing a PLR Product is a very simple concept. Once you buy a PLR product, you gain FULL rights to it. This means that you can put yourself as the author, rebrand, and resell however many times you can, since you own ALL the rights. After purchase, you will be officially licensed to do as you please.
  • Where can I sell my Digital Products?
    You are free to sell your digital products on any web platform of your choice. There are many platforms, but we recommend Wix or Sellfy.
  • Is Rebranding Required after purchasing?
    No. Although, it is recommended to stand out from other people you do not need to rebrand at all if you dont want to! It is totally up to you.
  • How do I advertise my Ebook Products?
    There are numerous ways to sell your ebook products, such as Facebook Targeted Advertising, creating a website or landing page to promote it, showcasing it on Instagram, and much more. This is something that we train our Franchisees for when they buy our prebuilt website.
  • Is this Legal?
    Absolutely, yes it is! Large companies all around the world use the Private Label model to make BILLIONS of dollars. AMAZON and so many other businesses use it and your wondering why you are only hearing about it today. This is a money making machine and the competition is the opposite of saturated. Start today and be ahead of the game.
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