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Become a Franchisee

Get ready to have a website exactly like this in less than 24 hours!

including all of our services and +370 eBooks!

Live Your Dream Life, Making Extra Income, Anywhere.

Have You Always Wanted to Launch Your Online Business Quickly?

Join Other Franchisees & Sell Hundreds of Best-selling PLR eBooks and Other Digital Products Today! 


Yes, private label rights (PRL) contents are some of the MOST sought-after digital products online, and the easiest to sell, if you got the right support. With our support and tips, you can generate HUGE traffic to your website, sell easily, and earn massive profit with LESS hustle.

Dear friend! 

James McKay here… 

If you’ve ever wanted to start your online business,
then here is an opportunity of a lifetime. Let me explain first.

Who are we? 

We sell private label rights (PRL) eBooks and other digital products. 
We’ve been working with some of the most successful PLR franchisees across the world who are making up to a hundred thousand dollars annually …
and that’s just an average figure. 

People are breaking sales records…with zero computer experience. 
You can too… 
Because we give you a prebuilt website, loaded with top-selling digital products, along with unparalleled support and training,
even as you keep 100% of your earnings. 

Yes, we don’t take a penny from your earnings. It’s all yours! 

Here is the deal: 

We’re giving you all the tools and training you need to make your online business debut an amazing success story … just like others before you! 
You may be asking, what’s on offer for a new franchisee? 

Prebuilt website 
Yes, that's right. A fully prebuilt website delivered to you within 24 hours, with over 370 of the latest PRL eBooks and other digital products to sell. The good news is this website is freely delivered to you. We take care of everything, including creating and setting up of: 

Photos, products, and their descriptions 
Webpages and web applications 
100% converting sales pages 
Online store and product integration 
Easy-to-use member area and subscription plan 
Efficient blog and articles page
PayPal and Stripe accounts setup 
Automated marketing emails setup and sending 
Fully optimized webpage for tablets and smartphones 
Optimize your site pages for SEO & Website Traffic Hacks
Helping you to get found on Google and other search engines 

What more could you ask for?

PS: We are receiving lots of requests at the moment but rest be assured that this will not prevent the speed of your website creation. Once you sign up, expect a fully functional website ready to make you money within 5 to 24 hours. This website is built exactly like this website, with all our products and services, and you can go all the way and make your money by following easy steps to selling. 
The good news is that everything on the website is automated so you will invest as little as 2-3 hours per day reading and sending emails, answering customers’ questions, promotions, and adding new products. 

Marketing Training & Support 

Get all the training and support you need to be successful. 

Private assistance will be available to you 24/7 through our dedicated WhatsApp line, Google Meet, Instagram, Messenger, or any platform of your choice. 


We train and guide you on how to: 

Use an online chat with your customers 

Send marketing emails 

Add new products to your store, and much more. 


Let’s help you start a profitable online business that you’ve always wanted, with ZERO inventory worries. It's time to change your own destiny with financial independence!
Live more. Work less.


Join our growing
franchisee community today! 

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